sasmita wellness


Partners Workshop for Labour and Delivery

Bring your partner on board by equipping them with the tools they need to support you through labour, delivery and 
bringing baby home.

An in-depth workshop with hands on instruction.

     How to alleviate pain using birthing ball, mat, wall, and chair.

 Massage instruction during labour for partner.

   Birth Plan discussions and importance of partnerís role.

    Couples visualization.

  Using your senses as tools to have a safe and empowered birth.

   Setting and equipping the room, making it your space.

    The 3 Rís - Relaxation, Rhythm and Ritual.

    Hand-outs to to take to hospital or to use in home birth.

Break - Light refreshments will be supplied


A How to Guide for new parents

Hints, tips and demonstrations.

Baby basics, appearance and what to look for.

Car Seats

Breast Feeding

Hygiene and bathing

Learn tips on how to make your baby the happiest

 kind on the block. 

How to utilize the calming reflexes for a longer nights rest.


         Things to bring with you:

         Something to take notes on  and an exercise ball if you have one and of 

course your partner!!!