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 Reflexology is widely used in many countries in the world as a complimentary therapy
 along side traditional medical treatments In the United Kingdom and many other European 

 It is  widely accepted in both their hospitals and doctors practices.
 It roots date back to ancient Egypt where it was practiced as a preventative
 to ill health or help ease patients conditions.

 Areas are worked by applying various techniques in acupressure to maintain optimum 
 circulation through the systems.

 It has been proven to treat past, present and future health problems.
 The foot is a mirror of the body and working on the different areas
 mapped on the feet allows the practitioner to bring your body back to a balanced state.

 It can relieve stress, headaches, improve sleeping patterns, relief from pain, 
 improved mobility, increased energy and circulation, enhance conception and delivery.

The treatment includes a consultation and therapy plan. Followed by a healing foot 
treatment addressing any areas of concern and an overall health benefit session. 

Each session is finished with a soothing and relaxing foot massage.

1 hour treatment in the Sasmita Holistic Treatment Room is $65 inc. taxes.

Senior and Military discounts available on request.

Available in Stockdale close to Frankford
inside or outside in a peaceful country setting.